Fat Cat Fonts

License and FAQ

How do I install the font on Windows? On a Mac?
Start here, and if that doesn't work do a Google search on installing fonts for the particular version of your operating system. There are loads of good turtorials and videos available.

The font I downloaded doesn't allow embedding. If I purchase the font, will I beable to embed it in PDFs?
Yes. When you purchase the font, you will be given a link to download an unrestricted version that allows embedding in PDFs and other documents.

Is it ok to use your fonts for commercial use? Personal use?
Yes and yes. When you purchase a font, you may use it for anything you wish -- this includes personal and commercial uses like logos, brochures, advertisements, websites, etc. Same goes for the freeware fonts.

How many users can use a font?
Freeware fonts are allowed unlimited users. Pay fonts allow 1 user per license. A discount is given if you have multiple users, and a site license is available.

Can I post it for download on my website or a font download site?
Unrestricted Fonts -- this is the font you purchase -- NO. Under no conditions may you distribute the font in any way.
Freeware and Shareware fonts -- yes, as long as the original readme is included.