Fat Cat Fonts

About Fat Cat Fonts

Jennifer Dickert, the designer behind Fat Cat Fonts, has been making fonts since 1997. Orginally started as a way to digitize fanciful writing on various album art, Jen has created a dozen unqiue and whimsical typefaces. Jen is also a web designer, so be sure to check out her design work at Altered Context.

Ski von KatzenFat Cat Fonts is fondly named after the original fat cats, Ski von Katzen and Beaker O'Brian.

Ski von Katzen

Born in 1996, Ski is a Black Forest Cat. He has a dense, silky coat similiar to the Norweigan Forest Cat. However, he speaks German in that there is an 'f' after 'p' (ie - "mrowpf!"), and when he wants to go outside he stands in front of the door and says "Aus!" He has very large mitten paws with big thumbs, and is quite attached to his mom. He is very sweet, but can be cranky sometimes too. He likes things how he likes them. He enjoys sleeping on the porch in the sun, chasing leaves, sitting on Mom's lap while she works, and drinking from the kitchen sink faucet.

Beaker O'BrianBeaker O'Brian

Born in 1999, Beaker is a very large Maine Coonish cat. He sports a thick, dense orange tabby coat, large tufted snow-shoe paws, and a bottle-brush tail. Weighing in at 18 lbs, he is a big moosh. He is extremely easy-going -- often tolerating things he doesn't like because it's easier than disagreeing -- and purrs louder than any cat you've ever heard. Beaker loves food more than anything else in this world. In his spare time, he enjoys going outside to guard the porch and driveway.